Order formation

Order formation

  • When ordering, you need to choose what type of customers you are.

  • If you buy our goods privately and you do not need to confirm the import in your country, then you are an individual.

  • If you buy our product as a legal organization for the mass production of furniture and you need to confirm the import in your country, then you are a legal entity.

  • If you are a legal entity, then before you place an order, you should study the rules of importation into your country. In each country they are different. We accompany our cargo only to the border with your state. We cannot influence the confirmation of import in your country. Customs clearance of cargo in your country remains on the side of the receiving side.

  • Due to the nature of international shipments, shipping costs for businesses and individuals may vary.

  • In our production you can buy frames from 10 pieces of each item. Piece sale of frames our shop does not carry out.

  • After placing the order, we will contact you to find out the details of the delivery and its cost.

  • Shipping cost will be included in the invoice for payment.

  • Invoice for payment will be issued only after coordination of all details of the order.

  • We will proceed to the production of your order after receiving the funds to our bank account.
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