We are proud that all our chairs are made on the basis of Konyshev frames. This means that we pay special attention to the design of the power part of the chair to ensure perfect quality and durability.

Together with our interior designers, we carefully develop each project and detail it to the smallest detail. We take into account all technical aspects and ergonomic requirements to create chairs that are not only beautiful, but also comfortable to use.

We are sure that the primitive bent-adhesive plywood technology cannot offer the quality and reliability that our Konyshev frames provide. We use only the most modern technologies and high-quality materials to create chairs that will last for many years.

Every project that we develop goes through careful detailing so that we can be sure that every detail of the chair will be perfectly combined with the overall design and aesthetics. We create detailing for each project to ensure that the frames and other elements of the chair will be executed with the highest precision and quality.

We are proud of our work and strive to offer our customers chairs that combine functionality, style and excellent quality. We are always ready to take on the challenge and create real high-quality chairs based on Konyshev frames that will delight you for many years.


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